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This is the age of specialization and a need for efficiency has never been so apparent. Stiff competition is pushing companies to their limits and thus the focus on companies' own core business is the only way to become and stay successful. We believe our services can bring your enterprise to the next level by utilizing the great mixture of high potential of CEE region and our expertise in nearsourcing.

With years of a typical IT outsourcing experience we do perfectly know what works and what is simply a fail. We completely redefined outsourcing approach in order to build the better solutions for our customers.




It's not just a word. Not for us. IT outsourcing services are our core business and positions us to be directly competing with typical offshore locations from Asia. But there is a difference – we take it seriously from the very beginning. With our service you will never face problems with high attrition, language barriers, communication approach, ownership and client perception.  We are proud to offer “consulting-grade” service in our “Nearsourcing” capability.  




CEEbase is demonstrating how the modern technologies can significantly reduce the costs to run the business. Our solution is based on up-to-date secure technologies based on virtualization and cloud services. We are largely using open source software and tools cutting the overall costs by more than 40% compared to traditional service providers. We actively support BYOD approach and mobile platforms.


Our approach


We never over-engineer and stick to our motto “We keep things simple”. We are leveraging our team's potential and offer the services, which go well beyond the typical Service Desk or Call Center activities. Our people know the solution they are supporting - not only from the technical perspective, yet from the end user point too, assuring excellent problem understanding. The very same people are able to solve simple “how-to” queries in an efficient and comprehensible manner as well as complex problems requiring in-depth application knowledge and analysis. We make sure client is talking to the same resolver during the entire incident lifetime making the communication smooth and efficient.

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