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IT consulting services at glance



IT Strategy and development


IT represents an integral and essential part of any business, contributes massively to your success - or failure.. Therefore it is vital all your managers and executives understand the role of IT and how to turn it into your advantage and strenghts.

We help the decision makers to identify opportunities for further growth via the optimization of IT and deploying the right tools and processes.

Dont let your competition to beat you in your segment, copying your know-how while exploiting

better IT and processes to serve your clients at lower costs!



Finance Performance of your IT


Being part of the global market means being part of the global economy. Current IT solutions offer new ways to have the same services for the fraction of the costs as yesterday. Yet only the most progressive businesses are flexible enough to benefit from these early enough.

CEEbase specialists help you to optimize your IT expenditures while improving the gain from these services by utilizing the latest technologies available on the market.



IT Operations


Often it is not the technology, but the way it is used which defines the final economical result and success or failure.

CEEbase helps you to optimize your operations in order to streamline your way to business targets.




Enterprises are relying on right information, which is delivered in the right moment providing the ability to make the right decision.

CEEbase helps you to navigate trough your data and find the right information vital for your business and bring it right on your screen.


Business Process Management


Modern markets require modern services and products.

Our skilled CEEbase specialists will help you identify new approaches to service provision and product development.


Cloud Services


Benefit from the modern network and Internet technology advancements and cut loose many of your resources.We can help you identify the possibilities and benefits of bringing your resources to the cloud.



Risk Management


Security, data protection, access management and other areas can be improved by utilizing the right technologies.

CEEbase helps you to identify the backdoors of your business and helps you to shut it.



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