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About us



CEEbase is a dynamic company set up by group of senior consultants having experience with well-known IT enterprises and blue-chip clients from the field of business consulting, IT optimization and outsourcing services. 


Our Mission


Well balanced combination of individual skills, modern technologies and creative approach is allowing us to deliver both cost-competitive and high-quality services for today's businesses. 


“We keep things simple” 




We at CEEbase know there is a tremendous potential in the CEE region. Not only geographically - allowing us to assist our clients onsite and support remotely in their language and business window, but especially in the human capital. Relatively small and young region offers concentration of well-educated and talented graduates and business professionals along with mixture of various cultures and languages.


Let's name few of the competitive advantages:

  • Excellent language coverage (all our people speak at least 2 foreign languages)
  • Business hub Vienna - Bratislava (less than 1 hour drive), proximity to Budapest and Prague (less than 3 hour drive)
  • International Schwechat Airport, all Europe destinations "same day presence"
  • Vienna & Bratislava producing highly educated graduates
  • Lower labor costs compared to Western Europe (leveraging our Bratislava office)
  • both countries member of EU and EMU ("Eurozone")

Contact us


email: office@ceebase.com

phone AT: +43 676 583 7751

phone SK: +421 911 123 297